Dam to Dam – 39 Forever

I didn’t plan on running Dam to Dam this year, I was running a half marathon each of the two following weekends. However, a friend’s brother had to back out and I had many friends running it. I fell to the peer pressure and decided not to miss out on the last Dam to Dam.

20180602_071358[1].jpgIt was pouring rain  as I waited to catch the bus to the start. It continued to rain and the start time was pushed back due to lightening. Although, it was a wet start to the race it was hot and humid by the finish.

I ran into many friends out on the course, both old and new. At about mile 6 running up hill, I caught up with my childhood best friend. 20180602_100014[1]Neither of us knew the other was running. We spent the last 7 miles catching up and reminiscing. We were inseparable 20 years ago. We talked about how incredible it is to be running together after all we’ve been through. Never in a million years did either of us believe we would have the opportunity to run a 20K race together.


I am so glad I chose to run the race that started my journey. Dam to Dam was my first half marathon 4 years ago. This year it was my first 20K. 4 years ago this race kicked off a new running journey in my life. This year the race kicked off an amazing running adventure for my summer.



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