Market to Market Relay Race

In May I ran the race of a life time. Market to Market, a 76 mile relay race. There were 18 legs, 8 women, and 1 Highlander. We had an amazing day. Many of us started the day as strangers but by the close of the race we were all friends. I know it sounds cliche but it is true. We had a great time driving between legs and cheering each other on.

I was the caption of the team. In my usually fashion I over thought and over planned everything. It was totally worth it. We manged to never miss a hand off, we kept our spirits high, we had no injuries. It was a truly amazing experience.

The weather cooperated with us. It was chilly and windy but the rain held off until we had a celebratory beer at the finish line!

I have been asked if I would run the relay again. The answer is yes. The race it well run and well organized. It was easy to navigate for runners and drivers alike. Would I captain a team again? I’m not sure. It was a lot of work. The hardest part was finding a vehicle to fit all of us. The rest of the logistics were surprisingly easy. If someone asked me to run as part of team, it would be an easy yes. If I was asked to captain a team again I would consider it but it would not be a quick yes.


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